Engagement photos & my special dog

Dear Mother Nature,

I am unimpressed with what you call “the first day of summer.”

I’m just sayin.

You’re off the hook, because I’m working all day. But if I has plans of pools and popsicles and sun…well, we’d have words.

To tell you the truth I was a little excited when I saw the overcast skies this morning. I’ve got a photo shoot at 5:30 and cloudy skies make for super perfect lighting. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some sun too (yesterday I took a little man’s 2-year-old pictures and it was HOT, humid and sunny, but we had some great lighting!), but I’ll never complain about overcast!

Speaking of photos, Jeff and I took engagement photos the other day which was the most fun thing ever. I was irrationally nervous about it because A) I knew we’d have to kiss in front of people and we don’t do that and B) I don’t like being the center of attention and having my picture taken a ton (I’m sure this will completely shock any and every one I know). Also throw in a little bit of C) it’s the middle of June and I tend to sweat like a menopausal woman. So yeah I was nervous.

As it turns out I was being a big weenie because engagement pictures are just like everyone says: super fun. It helps that we had an awesome photographer with a ton of great ideas. If there is anything I can do well, it’s take direction (note that my mother is not allowed to comment on that). Put my hand there? Don’t mind if I do. Smash an ice cream cone in Jeff’s face? Well, if you say so.

No, seriously. I did that. It was awesome.

We even had Rue in a few photos, although she was less than cooperative. She reminds me of the dog from Up. For example, we were down by the golf course and going to shoot some photos along this gravel road with a bunch of weeds. We let Rue out of the car so she could check out the new digs before we asked her to sit, stay, please look at the camera, etc. The girl freaked out and started darting in and out of the tall grass. About a foot to her left, a petrified cat came RUNNING out of the grass like she was escaping a natural disaster, and Rue didn’t even notice. She was just all GRAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!

The lights are on, but nobody’s home.

The lights may not even be on, quite frankly.


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