Fifty Shades of White


So you’ve probably noticed that we’re hanging out in a new place today. The Eating Effort is still up, but I’m slowly transitioning everything over here. I’ve been wanting a new blog title for a while, so I’m happy with the move and the freedom it gives me to talk about more shtuff.

That being said, I feel like I’m kinda betraying ya’ll by changing everything up without permission. When you ‘liked’ my Facebook page, it was The Eating Effort – now you still like it, but it’s Maddie’s Memos. Kinda sneaky of me, huh? So, if you’re miffed about the change, you should go dislike me so I stop feeling guilty. If you’re not mad but also not convinced this is a good idea, you should probably stick around cuz we’re gonna have a lot of fun over here. Pinky swear.

I’ve got a few posts that still get quite a lot of hits on the old blog, so I’ll be transitioning them over here for posterity. So don’t worry, if you missed the shit tsunami, there will be opportunity to relive it. Lucky you.

OK, I’ll end the PSA now.

In one year, at this time, I’ll probs be getting my herrrr did or my face put on or drinking my third mimosa because I’ll be getting married. MARRIED. That’s insane. When we got engaged in January, everyone said our 16 month engagement would go so fast, and wow – it has. I can’t believe we are a year away! I can’t believe all the stuff we have left to do! (Err…)

To celebrate the one year away mark I’m shopping for my wedding dress today. Just kidding; it just worked out like that. But I am super excited to try on fancy white dresses, mostly because I get to bring an entourage (my mom, sister and cousin). I’ve tried on dresses once before so I have a front runner…and it happens to be on sale today. I’m just sayin. If I could lock up a dress right now that’d be fine by me…

Side note, did you know there are like 3 shades of WHITE in wedding dress land? There’s white, diamond white, and candlelight white. I legitimately cannot tell the difference and I’m really good with that stuff (hollerrrrrr to all my graphic design sistas). I want a white dress since our colors will be gray and yellow and off white would look weird with that, so we told the sales associate that last time and she informed me of the different colors. I just stood there like this:


Later I tried on a dress that I LOVED (FRONT RUNNER) and got all giddy: “OooOOooOOhh it’s even white! Yay!”

Sales Lady: “Oh, shoot, ACTUALLY, it’s diamond white.”


It’s a different language, I am telling you.

Also, on what planet are diamonds white? Amiright?


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