#Bridesmaids #FTW

So guys, I wrote this post like, last week, and then I got distracted with moving and finishing a couple summer classes and Hoku music videos (to be explained in a later post, I’m sure), so I thought I’d publish it today.

I worked out yesterday, congratulations to me, and seem to have pulled the entire right side of my stomach. I’m not sure how one accomplishes this on an elliptical. I’m almost positive it means I need to work out more…

We haven’t talked in a while, so I’ll catch you up. One of my oldest friends (as in, we’ve been friends since Beanie Babies, not like she’s 100 or something) got married on Friday, which was the funnest thing ever. I’ve also decided I’m a big fan of Friday weddings. We started the fun on Thursday and kept it going til well into Saturday morning.

After the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Thursday, a bunch of my friends went to a bar for a few drinks before the next day’s festivities. I was a bridesmaid, so really, it was my duty to go have a beer.

It ended up being a freaking high school reunion at the bar, which means I stayed too long and drank too much. But I hung out with some really cool people.

Eventually I became hungry, and I was furious when I found out that the Taco Bell approximately 20 yards away was only open until 11. But seriously. Are you joking? Don’t say you are open MIDNIGHT OR LATER if it’s actually ELEVEN OR EARLIER. The two are very different. Especially when you’re 3 Coors Lights deep (I know, I know, I am a tank).

This resulted in Taco Bell rage, as displayed on the tweeter:

You guys, my Twitter stream from Thursday night is hilarious. My mother would disagree with that statement, but would I lie to you?

Anyway, I accepted the fact that T Bell would not be opening for me, so I asked the bartender for a cup of olives and pickles. It was surprisingly satisfying.

My lovely fiance came and picked me up around midnight (I know, I know, I also stay up sooo late) and gave me a ride home. DON’T drink and drive, kids! Cuz unlike my Taco Bell tweets that is NOT FUNNY.

The next morning started early with me trying to tame my hair into submission. I opted to do my own hair since it can be kind of ridiculous as soon as you do something besides straighten it. Things did not get off to a good start.

The day before, my friend and fellow bridesmaid showed up to the rehearsal with these FABULOUSLY RIDICULOUS curls. Like OMG CURLS. I was like, Kirby how did you do that?! And she was all, Oh I just blow dried it.

Are you kidding me.
So that’s what I was trying in the above photo and that’s how it turned out. My hair actually does have some natural wave but I’ve beaten it into submission, so now when I try to use a diffuser and get it to curl it looks like THAT. Cute, huh?
Eventually I conquered my head and it actually turned out really well. I was feeling pretty good about myself. In fact, the entire wedding party thought we all looked damn good.
Ain’t we cute?
We were nothing compared to the bride and groom tho. Damn. They were looking good!
Aren’t they hot!?
We partied well into the night to 90s boyband music and a little Wilson Phillips action. The DJ knew what was up.
I ❤ weddings.

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