Wedding: Bridesmaid dresses

Heyyyyyy weekenders!

How’s your Saturday going? Mine has consisted of playing paparazzi with a few family members and clients, and I just had dinner with Jeff and my mama.

Yesterday was very exciting because I officially ordered bridesmaid dresses for my laidez. If we are friends on Facebook, you may recall that I officially ordered these dresses a few weeks ago. Not so. I found out soon after that my sister actually neglected to get me a particular measurement, so they weren’t OFFICIALLY on their way. I tried to get her to take the measurement for me a few times, but she was quite unhelpful.

This weekend, though, she spent a night at my grandparent’s house. I called my grandma Friday morning and gave her specific instructions to tie Olivia down, and I had a measurement texted to my phone within 10 minutes. Love her.

I found the dresses on Etsy, which is basically the wedding Holy Grail. I don’t even know if I’ve just used that term correctly, but essentially, Etsy is awesome. We sent in all five girls’ measurements and will end up with five custom bridesmaid dresses. Wanna see what they look like? 😀

Originally, we had ordered these dresses, but gray in color:




But then I started hard core coveting the ruffles:

[Source] [Photography by Ben Barnes @]

Love me a good ruffle.

So I contacted the shop owner to see if she had started on the dresses yet and asked if I could change the order, and I could! I had seen some two-toned dresses in the Etsy shop I REALLY adored, and ended up ordering these:


[Source] [Photos by Edyta Szyszlo @]

I’ve seen the swatch of fabric and they’re a tad light in this photo, but essentially, that’s what my gurlz will be wearing come June. I’m SUPER excited and kind of wish I’d ordered 6…I love them. So excited to see them all done! 😀



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